Why you should go birding around American Falls

1. Birds Are Everywhere
You will never have to travel far to see birds. They are as close as your backyard or neighborhood park. For more variety, try the marina, bike path, reservoir shore, the Snake River, our hill country, or even the local landfill. No matter where you are at American Falls, you will find birds.

2. All Season Activity
You can enjoy birds every day – there is no closed season when it comes to birding. Different seasons bring different birds, but there are always some to see on any given day of the year.

3. Variety
There are many kinds of birds to watch and keep things interesting. The American Falls area has many dozens of species, enough to keep you entertained year round.

4. The Element of Surprise
The element of surprise is always present with birds. Birds have a tendency to show up in unexpected places and at unexpected times of the year. There is always a chance you will see something unusual when birding. Try the local cemetery and river view for unusual birds.

5. Birds Are Beautiful
Birds are one of nature’s most colorful groups for a variety of biological reasons, but for us, that makes them all the more enjoyable to watch. Try getting a good look at a Northern Flicker, they are all over in our area and are stunning.

6. Birds are Active During the Day
See a Variety of Birds Up Close
Birds are active when we are. With obvious exceptions, such as owls, birds are daytime creatures just like us and can be observed easily during daytime hours.

7. Birding is for Everyone
Young or old, male or female, techno or aesthetic type, casual or fanatic – there is something for everyone in birding. Take a kid birding today!

8. Birding is Very Popular
In fact, birding is one of the fastest growing outdoor activities today and more people watch birds than any other outdoor pastime. This means there is plenty of help and lots of company to get started. Birders love to share the fun with others.

9. Birding is Educational
Birding is a fun way to learn about science, nature and the environment. It is a great way to connect to the natural world.

10. Equipment Needs are Simple
A binocular and a good field guide (local library) will get you started nicely. You can add a spotting scope later to expand your birding opportunities, but the basic tools for birding are within anyone’s budget.