Humming Brid Poem


I can imagine, in some otherworld

Primeval-dumb, far back

In that most awful stillness, that only gasped and hummed,

Humming-birds raced down the avenues.

Before anything had a soul,

While life was a heave of Matter, half inanimate,

This little bit chipped off in brilliance

And went whizzing through the slow, vast, succulent stems.

I believe there were no flowers, then,

In the world where the humming-bird flashed ahead of creation.

I believe he pierced the slow vegetable veins with his long beak.

Probably he was big

As mosses, and little lizards, they say were once big.

Probably he was a jabbing, terrifying monster.

We look at him through the wrong end of the long telescope of Time,

Luckily for us.

-D.H. Lawrence

AF Birding Festival

American Falls
Birding Festival!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

2014 Spring Bird Festival little

Enjoy spring in Idaho!
Bring your friends and family for a fun day of learning about birds in our great community. This is a field trip designed by volunteers to be fun for the whole family.


8:30- 9:00am           Free Registration at Library (Prizes)                                                                        308 Roosevelt St, American Falls, ID 83211

9:00- 11:30am        Carpool to Massacre Rocks St. Park                                                                          (Speakers and guided birding)

12:00 – 1:00pm      Discounted No Host Lunch at the Bay Restaurant                                            (Speaker and prizes)

1:15 – 2:00pm          Guided birding at the AF Reservoir


Birding With Kids

cedarww1It is spring and I am sure you’re looking for new ways to get outside and celebrate. I just happen to have an idea you might like to try. Get a kid or two into birding! But, how?

I happened across this page that contains links to great little bird feeders kids can make themselves. I think I might try it myself.

Peregrine Falcon On Webcam

Is there anything more fun than seeing the birds return in the spring and watching them produce the next generation of avian wonders?    I think you will agree watching this pair of falcons raise a new family in Boise, Idaho  is pretty great.

Perhaps you would enjoy learning more about these astonishing birds, if so check out this link…

14 Interesting Facts About The Peregrine Falcon

By the way, if peregrines listen to blues I bet they listen to the Wonton Bishops.